The Team


Prof. Martin Atkins

Queen’s University Belfast Chair of Chemical Innovation & Sustainability, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Innovations Mentor in Research & Enterprise at Queens University. 34 year career in Industry – 29 years with bp, Chief Scientist in BP China developing a Clean Energy Centre & 4 years in Malaysia with Petronas.

Project Leader

Dr Peter Goodrich

Peter has over 10 years experience in the novel development of upgrading petroleum crudes and waste vegetable oils within the fields of catalysis, physical and organic chemistry.

Product Development

Eoghain O’Hara

Eoghain graduated in chemistry at QUB in 2009, and spent the following three years on a research project at the QUILL research centre focussed on the development of novel ionic liquid-based catalysts for the Water Gas Shift reaction. Eoghain continued his work at the QUILL research centre as part of a commercial research project in collaboration with Petronas. This project developed ionic liquid solutions for the absorption of mercury from a range of product streams in the oil industry and won three IChemE awards in 2013. Eoghain obtained further experience in the Malaysian chemical industry through further commercial collaboration projects with Felda Global Ventures and Evonik Industries which sought to develop novel solutions for the removal of fatty acids from palm oil using a vitamin based ionic liquid. This project received the IChemE award for Food and Drink in 2016 and an RSC emerging technology award in 2017.