About us

Established in 2017 Oleocycle is a privately owned company with operations in Belfast and Teesside which focuses around three core technologies.


Potential beneficiaries and customers of these technologies are feedstock suppliers and end-users of both animal and vegetable products which require contaminate removal. Oleocycle can utilise several technologies for the purification of various feedstocks and products.

Technology 1

MAS process (Metals, Acids and Sulfur). An esterification pre-treatment technology to supply biodiesel refiners with a high quality triglyceride feedstock producing a resultant biodiesel stream which meets D6751 and EN 14214 regulations for both the US and EU markets.

Technology 2

LoSul Process. A post-treatment sulfur removal technology to enable an off-spec biodiesel reach D6751 and EN 14214 regulations. 

Technology 3

FAAT process. Fatty acids, fatty alcohol and triglyceride polishing for food processing, cosmetic and other applications.